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Pastor Moves an Atheistic Hungary

BUDAPEST, Hungary- Pastor Sandor Nemeth knows what it's like to live under an atheistic communist regime.

True romance is within our reach

I was talking to a young person who was thinking about getting married and the question of how one can identify the feeling of love and how it can be distinguished from a superficial kind of attraction came up. Can we believe this feeling and its content? Can such an enduring and exclusive relationship exist in the reality of human life for several decades? Is it a romantic illusion or does it reflect the...

Secret Conversations with God

At Pentecost, Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. On this particular Jewish feast (Savout, the Feast of Weeks) the Holy Spirit first descended on Jesus’s disciples to enable and authorize them to start the worldwide spread of Christianity. The sign of the Spirit’s arrival was a surprising “childish nonsense”: speaking in tongues.

The sting of death

Nowadays, abortion is protected by the law, prostitution enjoys legal defence and seers and diviners offer their services in the shopping centers and activities can be enumerated at great length, what people often do not consider sin although according to the Word of God they are sins. It can be easily seen that there's a huge difference between the opinion of the Bible and the opinion of the majority of...

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