Miraculous healing of a two-month-old baby

The Invisible Strife

We had been longing for a child for eight years, but we couldn’t have one. It was medically impossible for us to have our own child because I had some problems. ... And as I was holding his hand, his tiny little head, touching his face, I experienced what it was like to become a parent.

Attila Kelecsenyi, the father:
- We had wanted to have a child for eight years but we couldn’t. Medically it seemed impossible because I had problems.

Anett, the mother:
- The doctors tried all kinds of hormones on me, but the problem was not in me. At last, they examined my husband properly at the Kali Institute. They said there was only one possible solution, a test-tube baby. The baby’s heart started to beat three weeks after the artificial insemination. Pregnancy was a wonderful experience for me, it was like we walked five inches off the ground for months. I was glad that little Daniel was living and moving about in my belly. I continually had this urge to bless the baby.

-What do you mean?

- Well, when Attila went out and came home I always asked him to lay his hand on my belly and bless little Daniel. Sometimes he got a bit grumpy and asked why we needed to make such a fuss about it. Wasn’t it enough to bless him once? But I was determined. Sometimes I even woke Attila up in the middle of the night because he forgot to bless Daniel.

- Were you sick during your pregnancy?

- No, not at all! No vomiting, no dizziness, no tiredness. This is why I said my pregnancy was so wonderful. But then, I didn’t know what was about to come.

- What were these prayers about?

- I placed my hand on my wife’s belly and asked the Lord to keep them in His mercy, to shelter them from all harm and to strengthen them. Whenever we met up with a friend, we asked them, too, to bless little Daniel.

Anett :
- Dani was growing in my tummy. The day came when the baby turned seven months old. It was the first of May.

- My wife got up to switch the alarm clock off. I didn’t have to go to work as it was the first of May. Then she went back to bed again. Ten minutes later she woke me up saying that something was pouring out of her. I switched the light on and we saw blood everywhere.

Anett :
- As I got out of bed, I felt as if something had fallen to the bottom of my belly. It was the baby, he simply turned around inside. I immediately went out to the bathroom thinking that it would be easier to clean up the mess from the tiles. In the meantime I told Attila to get a few things along with the ID card and to run to get the car.

- Weren’t you frightened to see all that blood?

- I was absolutely calm. I felt safe. The only thing Attila asked was whether Daniel was still alive and moving. As I placed my hand on my belly I felt that he was. I told Attila to hurry, because I was about to give birth. He said he would call the ambulance which I did not want, saying that we had to get to my doctor at the hospital on Szabolcs Street. So we got into the car and off we went.

I called my mother, who lives in the country, from the car to tell her that I was about to give birth. I told her not to worry because everything would be all right. I asked her to come to the hospital. Then I called the doctor to come quickly and reassured her that everything was going to be fine. She got there just as we were pulling in. In a few moments the diagnosis was made: a major part of the placenta had come off. This was the cause of the excessive bleeding. I was taken into the operating theatre immediately.

Daniel was born at ten to seven. Even though he was prematured and weighed only 1900 grams, he was healthy. The next day the doctor asked me whether I was aware of how lucky I had been, that little Daniel was born alive and that I didn’t bleed to death. When the placenta separates, the fetus cannot get any oxygen. Daniel was in this state for one and a half hours! The placenta started to separate at five am, and Daniel was born at ten to seven.

In a state like that even five minutes can cause death. The doctor said she never saw anything like this before in her practice. This was the point when I came to realize why we needed to pray so often for God’s protection and blessing. But unfortunately this was only the beginning of our trials. With Daniel it wasn’t only the case of weak lungs, as it is with other premature babies, but he also had water in his air sacs. He needed to be operated on on the seventh day. By the eighth day he became totally grey. He caught the so called pseudomonas bacterium, which eats the red blood-cells.

An excerption form his final hospital bulletin says:
”... at the age of eight days he was lethargic and his skin was marbled grey. The increased level of CRP (C-reactive protein), and later the positive bacterial cultures proved the development of toxemia...”

- How did he get it?

- This is a bacterium that is found even in sterilized medical instruments. There is no 100% protection against it. Most babies are not infected. Daniel’s immune system was terribly weak. He developed anaemia. His intestines and his stomach got inflamed, and his belly swelled up.

From that day on he was given infusions and was not allowed to eat anything for three weeks. He was losing weight. This bacterium attacked everything from his bone marrow to his kidneys. He received transfusions three times. Needles and rubber tubes were sticking out from his little body but at the same time his blood did not get clot.

- What does this CRP number refer to in the final hospital bulletin?

- It denotes the extent of the infection. A healthy new born baby has a CRP of five to eight. On the tenth day Daniel had 114. A new born baby will not survive if it reaches 160.

- How is it that you were still there with him?

- If the problems had not come, I could have gone home on the sixth day. But they did come, so I stayed in the hospital and was given a bed on the floor below.

- What was going on in you during these days? Did you blame anyone? Did you still believe that little Daniel would recover?

- We were there and we couldn’t help him. It was terrible. The doctors tried to prepare us gently for his death, but still we strongly believed that he would be all right. We gave thanks for little Daniel every day, we prayed for him in the hospital, at home, and with friends. Even pastors prayed for him. We must add that the Premature Baby Ward was run by a foundation and the doctors who worked there were famous and experienced and did everything they could for Daniel. We had no doubt that he was in good hands. Their work was incredible.

Anett :
- Four weeks passed since I had given birth and I still couldn’t touch my child, it was a horrible feeling. I was only allowed to look at him two or three times a day through the plastic walls of the incubator. We asked the doctors whether we could place a small handkerchief or a toy next to him over which we had prayed and blessed, but they wouldn’t allow us to. They said they would give me an unopened antiseptic gauze which I took with me to the church. I asked for prayer over it.

- Without having it opened?

- Yes. Next day we took it back to the hospital where the doctor opened it and she put it into the incubator. We insisted on her putting it there before our very eyes. The following day Daniel got better, his CRP improved a bit. After this the doctors gave us a bigger piece of gauze and asked us to go and ask for prayer.

- And did you?

- We did, but this time he didn’t get any better.

-There are a lot of benches in the garden of that hospital. We chose one and we called it our prayer bench. We prayed on this bench every morning and every evening, supporting each other when the other got weary.

Every day after confessing that little Daniel was going to be healed we had to see our little baby in terrible pain. This went on for three weeks. Our hearts were breaking. We sought God about what we should do, how we should pray and what we should fight against. In the meantime the CRP number was nearing 140.

Anett :
- Suddenly I came to realize, that parents who blessed their children in the Bible, always placed their hands on them. We did the same when I was pregnant with Daniel, but ever since he was in the incubator we could only pray for him from a distance. The following day was Pentecost. We met at our usual place in the afternoon and we went in to see Daniel only to find that his heart had stopped beating. The doctors managed to resuscitate him.

– Did the child die?

– Yes, he did. His heart stopped. I’d rather say it this way, it sounds a bit nicer. We only came to know this in the evening. The doctor said he had only a few days to live.

- Did you break down?

– No, we didn’t. I said he was not going to die and I would take him home from the hospital healthy.

- The doctor looked at us in a curious way. For a moment we thought they would take us into the Psychiatric Ward.

Anett :
- The following day I asked the doctor to allow me to place my hand on Daniel. I wanted to touch him, to hold him. “Please let me do it”, I begged. She didn’t answer me for a long time. Then, knowing that this was against the rules and that she could possibly loose her job if discovered, she gave her consent. We asked our friends to pray at that certain time when I was with Daniel. Attila couldn’n come with me. It was ten pm. I was dressed.

- Weren’t you there, Attila?

- He wasn’t allowed in. I had to get my hands sterilized and put on steril clothes just like doctors. They opened the incubator and left me alone with my child. Slowly, I touched my baby for the first time. He shuddered and started to cry.

- Did you touch his head or his hand?

- He was so skinny that I only dared to touch his feet at first. His body was blue all over because his veins burst from the injections. I don’t know how many grams he weighed, but you could even see his bowels through his skin. As I touched him, he shuddered and then started to cry.

I started to pray: My Lord, You promised that whatever I place my hand on shall be blessed. Healing is also a blessing. Now here I stand next to my suffering child and I beseech You to heal him, for all things are possible for You. I just prayed, prayed and prayed. There was a needle even in a vein in his head to give him infusions and medicine.

Suddenly I felt God’s presence and love. I started quaking, crying and then laughing to such an extent, that I forgot all about where I was. Through my tears I only saw my child and I saw that he was no longer crying but smiling. My joy was beyond measure. I was crying and laughing at the same time. Now I dared to hold his little hand, and to touch his face and head.

That was when I learned what it was like to become a parent. You see, up until that time I hadn’t had any personal contact with my child, it felt like he had been taken out of me and that was all. So I prayed for him for forty minutes, then he went to sleep. After staggering out from the ward, I called Attila and told him laughing that little Daniel was healed. In fact, that night he was in the worst possible state. His CRP nearly reached 150.

I couldn’t sleep that night. In the morning when I went to the premature ward I was very excited. The doctor ran up to me happily saying that she just couldn’t believe her eyes. The CRP had gone down to 25! She did the medical examination twice and even asked another doctor to check it for her. It really was 25! And the following day it went down to 10. Daniel no longer cried because of the pain but because he was hungry! Two weeks later we left the hospital with a healthy, smiling little boy who weighed 2200 grams!

Dr. Elizabeth Princzkel, assistant professor:
- Daniel was born in the 32nd week weighing little less than two kilos. Premature babies need intensive care because of respiratory disturbances. This implies a lot of treatments such as the insertion of catheters for infusions and medicine. He also developed Pneumothorax which needed treatment.

In the case of Daniel we needed to use various kinds of drastic treatments. We gave him lots of antibiotics and medicine to enhance his immune system and blood circulation. I tell you, his condition was severe. A lot of premature babies die with an infection like that. For three weeks his state fluctuated between getting a bit better and getting even worse.

Look, I believe in medicines and treatments, not in prayers and miracles. Otherwise I would be unable to cure. On the other hand the fact is that Daniel’s CRP was 140 before the prayer and 25 after it. The following day the CRP dropped even further to 10. It practically meant that the infection was gone and little Daniel was healed. And this happened after that prayer.

The Kelecsenyi family, Daniel is  full healthy

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