Miracles and Anecdotes

The Story of
An Evangelist

Before Jesus was taken up into heaven, He told his disciples, ’Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ The stories of the evangelist, József Nagy prove that the above words of Jesus are still valid even though almost two thousand years have passed since then. The Word of God still conveys life, blessing and victory to the people.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour on November 7, 1987. This was mainly triggered by a meeting with one of my friends. At the time I was working in a private clinic where we treated patients with reflexology. This friend of mine, named Peter, also attended our treatments, or to be more specific, we visited him because he wasn’t able to come to the clinic. The poor guy was suffering from very serious depression, which paralysed his hands and feet, so he received infusions. One day as I was going to his place for the next treatment, Peter came to get the door standing on his own feet and smiling. He said he has been healed by Jesus Christ. I asked him at which parish it happened. He replied that it wasn’t in a parish but in a former winepress house. I told him: ”You must be kidding. By which sect were you entrapped”? He said that it was not a sect but he had visited Faith Church.

At that time this sounded very odd to me as I had never heard of this church before. We went inside and started talking to Peter’s parents. His mother knew that I was a very devout Catholic. She told me that her son indeed got healed but she wanted to ask me to find out some more about this place that her son had started attending. I promised her I would do that. I asked Peter when they had services at Faith Church, and he said they had it on Saturdays. This happened on a Monday but I wanted to go there right away. But he told me that on Mondays there was an advanced bible study which was attended only by those people who had already repented. Still I said I would go there. We got into the car and drove there.

It was very strange that everyone welcomed me happily with love, just as if they had known me for a long time and they asked me if I had already repented. I didn’t even know what repentance was even though I was such a devout Catholic that I went to church every day to offer a sacrifice in order to get rid of my sins. But somehow it just never happened. 

We started talking to György Szekeres and Levente Petrőcz. In the beginning I was initiating the conversation reprimanding them for leaving the Catholic church. I considered all churches, even the Protestant and Evangelical ones, as sects, the only exception was the Catholic church. They listened to me with love, then they told me the gospel. And all the sudden something touched my heart and I realized that even though I was the most devout Catholic who went to church every day, my life was still full of sins. If I died, I would surely go to hell. I saw a living fire and love in their eyes and I was longing to have the same communion with God that they had. 

I asked them how I could become just like them. Where did they get this fire that made them love God so much? They told me that I had to pray and ask Jesus into my heart if I hadn’t done that before. I immediately got down on my knees and they started praying with me. I asked Jesus into my heart and I experienced such peace and happiness that I knew right away that everything had changed inside of me. Even though it was sleeting as I was going home, I was dancing on the street happily because I knew that my sins were forgiven by Jesus Christ. 

Formerly whenever I went for confession, I was never able to change. I always tried to go to the oldest and deafest priest but even they almost fell off their confessional chairs as I was reciting my sins, unfortunately I had plenty of them. 

They always told me how many times I should repeat the Lord’s prayer and the Hail Mary as a penitence but even though I repeated them as many times as possible, I still wasn’t able to change. The same sins kept coming back to me. Today I know the reason why: I didn’t have a new heart and I was practicing Christianity only as an outsider without any foundation. However, when I accepted Jesus at Faith Church and was baptized ( although I was baptized when I was a baby but it wasn’t based on my faith but on my godmother’s faith and Jesus didn’t say that if your godmother believes, you will be saved but if you believe and are baptized, you will be saved), the old desires that had tormented me and forced me to sin ceased to exist. Finally my sinful nature died and I was able to start a different life.

At that time I was a boxer in the Junior League…

The next step on the road of faith was to be filled with the Holy Spirit. As a Catholic I had my confirmation but that was not more than getting a Poljot watch, a cake and a new suit and the bishop drew a dove on my forehead. Besides that nothing else happened, I kept living my sinful life. At that time I was a successful boxer in the Junior League but I couldn’t get rid of the moral sins in any way. However, after I was filled with the Holy Spirit at Faith Church, an amazing thing happened: my whole body from top to bottom felt like it was burning in fire and I started speaking in tongues. I couldn’t stop talking and talking.


It is a miracle in itself that I was born. During the sixth month of her pregnancy, my mother got a serious toxication. Her face became distorted, she went blind in both eyes, even her own mother couldn’t recognize her in the hospital. The doctors diagnosed that the baby in her uterus – that was me - was dead and that was the reason for the toxication. They wanted to cut her stomach to take me out and at least save her life. At that point my mother prayed to God to raise the baby from the dead if he was indeed dead. And she promised to dedicate my life to God, that I would become a servant of God when I grew up. After this, the doctors cut her stomach and removed a small ”piece of meat” that weighed 1.2 kilograms. They were very suprised that I was alive. I disgorged 0.2 kilograms of toxin and after that I weighed 0.9 kilogram, so just as a comparison, I was smaller than a 1-litre-bottle of milk. The doctors didn’t expect that I would live for long but even if I did, I would become either mentally or physically retarded or both.

Now a lot of people think that I am a fool to believe in the Lord but this is not the same as mental retardation. By the time I was 1 year old, I was more developed physically and mentally than any other children my age – glory to God.

Once I told the story of my birth in a church. There was a woman in the audience who was 6 months pregnant and she was just advised by the doctors to have an abortion because there were serious problems with the baby. That mother did not agree to the abortion but carried the baby to term. I visited this church two months ago and the woman brought to me her 2-year-old completely healthy child and thanked me for sharing my testimony with them. That is what encouraged her faith, she also dedicated her child to God and did not agree to the abortion.

The reason I wrote down this story here is that maybe others can also be encouraged that God is able to do a miracle even in spite of a realistic medical opinion. For He is the Doctor of doctors, the Lord of lords and He is the Healer. 


Even though my mother dedicated my life to the Lord, I did not live as if I wanted to serve God. This became reality only after my repentance.

At the same time my relationship with my parents became rather tense because I wasn’t willing to bow down before statues any more. I went to church just to make my mother happy but my knees didn’t bend neither in front of the Eucharist nor in front of statues and I was not willing to kneel down before any sacred objects. As Apostle Paul says, God does not live in churches built by men but He lives in the hearts of those people who receive God. However, this caused tensions with my family and they tried to prohibit me from going to Faith Church. My father became very angry, he wanted to beat me up but I told him that even if he beated me up, I would still follow the Lord and would go to Faith Church. He said that I had gone nuts, and that I was on drugs and I had been hypnotized but I insisted that I was touched by Jesus and I spoke in tongues by the Holy Spirit. At this point he was convinced that I had gone crazy since I had never learned any other languages my whole life. I wanted to show him in the Bible what exactly speaking in tongues meant and that it was not a human language but he told me, ”don’t fool around with me, show me if you can really speak in tongues”.

The Bible says that we shouldn’t speak in tongues in front of non-believers because they will think that we went crazy. But I knew that my father already thought I went crazy although I hadn’t even started speaking. Could it get worse if I started speaking in tongues? I had no other choice, I started speaking. I knew that this gift was not given for human communication but for communication with God but I also knew that when we prayed in tongues God could transform the words into human languages. So I started speaking in tongues and I noticed that I talked in a language similar to English. All the sudden tears came into the eyes of my father and he sat down in the armchair. He told me that I was talking about Jesus in English. He had been to the US several times, so he understood the words I was saying, while I didn’t understand anything as I had never learned English. This had such an impact on him that he immediately accepted the Lord into his heart and prayed a prayer claiming his faith. After his repentance he was healed and he never had to take tranquilizers again. The Lord gave peace to his heart.

Erika, my fiancee, had already broken up with me before I repented because I always went to temple while she was an atheist. She said we wouldn’t be able to live together or raise children like this. I tried to lead her to faith even though I was not a real Christian myself, according to the Bible. Once I took her to a Catholic church but she fainted and she had to be carried out. I got her a Virgin Mary with luminescent eyes, water from Lourdes and all kinds of sacred objects hoping that they could make an impact on her. But none of them did. She ended up breaking up with me.

The wedding of József and Erika NagyI went to see her after I repented in Budaörs. At first she didn’t even want to talk to me but I kept ringing the doorbell until she finally opened the door. We started talking and she saw that I had indeed changed. She said she didn’t know if God existed or not but she would come to church to see what kind of people went there. It turned out that she passed the building of the church regularly with her family because their weekend cottage was closeby in Budaörs. Erika used to tell me that there were always weddings in that building and I just realized then that she had that impression because she always heard the songs of worship. At the same time the word of God in fact says that the cheerful heart has a continual feast and there are a lot of cheerful people in church who love God. 

So Erika came to Faith Church. I couldn’t succeed for two and a half years but it happened right there right then: Erika accepted Jesus during her first visit. She was baptized and the Lord healed her from a skin disease and a crooked spine. After all, I had no doubts that she would marry me, so I proposed to her. She rejected me. However, I still felt that she would be the one for me. And when I proposed to her again a few months later, she said yes. We got married on June 15, 1988. Since then we have had five children.

The Nagy Family


As a wedding present I was drafted by the army. At that time it was mandatory to serve in the army for one and a half year. But before I continue with that, let me share an interesting story with you. 

After I repented, the whole Catholic group that I used to be a part of repented as well. With this group we had performed the story of Joseph as a play in different churches. We were supposed to play it at one of the Catholic churches in downtown Budapest. It was all set and the date was already announced, however, we repented in the meantime. Since we didn’t want to break our promise, we told the priest that we were going to perform the play only if afterwards we could testify to the audience about what God had done in our lives. He agreed to it. So we performed the play (I played the role of the Pharaoh) and when it was over, we started to give our testimonies. Tamás Pajor started, then I continued.

When the priest heard that we were talking about being saved, being filled with the Holy Spirit and experiencing real testimonies, he announced that the play was over and everyone should go home. But we continued, so he turned off the microphones. We still continued, so he turned off all the lights and sent out everyone out of the church building including us. We went outside but people didn’t go home, they listened to our testimonies in front of the church. There was a nun called Magdi in the audience and she had skin cancer. She had a wound on her face which couldn’t get healed because of the cancer. This woman accepted Jesus there, the wound disappeared from her face and she joined Faith church. She even returned her salary to the priest, confessed that she sinned in idolatry and started to follow the Lord.


But back to the army - I served in four different places during the one and a half year term: Kiskunfélegyháza, Székesfehérvár, Cegléd, Hódmezővásárhely. The reason for this was that I gave testimony everywhere about the Lord, so I was always relocated. In the beginning, they were very tough with me. They wanted me to box but I didn’t want to do it. They told me that it was not me who had control over my body but the Hungarian Army and I had to let them take advantage of my abilities. I like boxing and today I still go for trainings now and then with the professional boxers. However, at that time I didn’t want the communist army to get the glory because I boxed for them. Since I was not willing to change my mind, they tried to force me to obey them. First they put me in the kitchen to pare potatoes. I started giving testimony while paring potatoes.

They saw that I had been there in the kitchen for three days but I was still happy paring potatoes, singing and worshipping the Lord. They did not understand why I was feeling so great. So I told them the Lord came into my heart and that is why I was so happy. I was free even if I was locked in the kitchen paring potatoes for three days because those who are set free by Jesus are free indeed.

As a result, three soldiers repented. This really frustrated the officers, so they relocated me to Székesfehérvár. I was in a more difficult situation there and in the beginning no one repented. I thought I had better not give testimonies any more as it could put me into too much trouble. But first I prayed to the Lord and I told him, ”God, if you want me to do this, let me receive the blessing of pastor Sándor Németh and have him anoint me for this service without me asking him”.

When I had my first day off in the army, I went to church. At the end of the service pastor Sándor prayed for the leaders of the prayer groups and he blessed them. I didn’t go up there to join them because I had been a Christian only for half a year. If God wanted me to give testimony in the army, He would let pastor Sándor know. When Sándor prayed for the last person in the row, he asked me to come up there because he wanted to pray for me as well. So he prayed for me and for Erika and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. From that time on there was a breakthrough in my service within the army.


Let me share with you a financial testimony as well. I got 600 Ft a month in the army, which was not a lot of money. Erika’s salary was 4600 Ft which was hardly enough for her living expenses. One time when I went home, she didn’t have any money left but I had received half of my payment from the army, 300 Ft. As I knew that Erika would not have accepted it from me, I put it into her wallet in secret and blessed it asking the Lord to multiply that 300 Ft by a hundred times. The next time I went home, Erika had more than 30 thousand Ft in her wallet. It was not a miraculous multiplication of the Ft notes because, as Kenneth Hagin preached about it, God is not a counterfeiter. However, the export company where Erika was working decided to pay a bonus for the department where she worked. No other department received a bonus, only theirs. That is how the money was multiplied and this was a great testimony for us. And the Lord kept helping us afterwards as well. We never had any financial problems. One may go through difficult times but if he trusts the Lord, He will bring the blessings.

After I was blessed by Sándor, I was more efficient in giving my testimony. Sixteen people repented within the army in Székesfehérvár but besides the army, other people in the town also accepted Jesus. I went to the parish of the Catholic church because I knew the priest and I testified to a group of young people. Half of the group repented.


Interestingly enough the clerical intelligence was working faster than the military intelligence. When I was relocated to Cegléd, where several theology students were drafted, they had already received a description about me before my arrival: what I looked like, what I was doing, what I was preaching about. They also received orders to keep their distance from me. Therefore the theology students were quite hostile to me. They said that there was no Holy Spirit, so it was not possible to speak in tongues. I told them that it was possible as the Holy Spirit existed. Then I asked them to go and pray together with me to see what would happen. A few of them came with me to pray and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that He filled one of the protestant theology students and he almost pushed over a safe deposit box. The Holy Spirit descended upon him and he accepted the Lord. After this more and more theology students repented as well as, other people from the army. However, the officers disliked this fact, so they tried to discourage me by different means to stop me from testifying. 

For example, once I had to put on a chemical protective suit and I had to empty a cesspool with one bucket. In order to do this I had to climb into the slime. These type of jobs were not done by average soldiers, only by those who were put into jail and this was a part of their punishment. I was not in jail but they made me do it. I climbed in and started doing the job. First they were watching me with armed guards and the prisoners had to carry away whatever I scooped out. But it smelled so bad that the prisoners and the guards took off. I was loathing the fact that I had to empty that cesspool even though I was innocent; moreover I was at the end of a longer fasting and I wasn’t sure if I had enough energy to do the job. Then the Lord told me to clean another cesspool as well, next to this one. Since nobody could stand the smell, everyone left and I was there by myself. I was done with both cesspools at around six o’clock in the afternoon. I went up to the officers and reported to the commanding officer. They did not want to believe that I cleaned both cesspools, so they went down to have a look. They understood that they could not discourage me and maybe they also realized that such a reaction would not have been possible without God. From that point they started to respect me more

Not long after this, the officer that ordered me to do this exhausting job asked me if he could borrow my car as he wanted to steal a few things from the military camp. At first I was annoyed that he sent me to the cesspool and then wanted to borrow my car. But then the Lord told me that I should lend him my car. I told him that he could use my car only if he didn’t steal anything. I said, ”Go home to your fiancee but do not steal anything because that can put you into big trouble.” He took my advice. As he was leaving the camp, the military police had an unusually strict control; they checked the whole car. So if he had taken something, he would have been caught.

It was a good testimony for him as well that he listened to me and did not steal anything. Later this guy also repented and he invited me to his wedding to bless him and his fiancee. So the Lord can turn even the bad things to our favour and it happens that the bad needs to be convinced with the good and even our enemies can be gained for the Lord. This story is a good example of that.

When quite a few people accepted the Lord in Cegléd and the officers saw that I did not intend to stop testifying, I was relocated to Hódmezővásárhely. There were many people who had been in jail or had been in a difficult situation. As a start, when I went to the lavatory, they poured a bucket of cold water on me. But then they got scared because they realized who I was; they recognized me from the times when I was a boxer. So they thought I would beat them up. But all I did was thank them for the morning shower because this way at least I didn’t have to take a shower in the evening. They were very surprised and confused that I didn’t make a fuss about it. I told them that I had been saved by Jesus and I was a new person.

So I started testifying in Hódmezővásárhely. There was a soldier in jail who was so upset that he wanted to hang himself. They could not do anything with him. Then I prayed with him and he accepted Jesus and as I prayed, he was delivered from demons. This was the first time that I experienced that something like this could happen when I prayed.

As nine more people repented within a short time, the intelligence services sent an officer from Budapest. The commanding officer called the nine of us, and he and the officer from Budapest declared that it was not allowed to testify in the army and we had to stop it immediately otherwise they would relocate each and every one of us. I replied that it would be to our advantage because then we could all give testimony in different places. And I added that I advised the commanding officer to permit preaching the gospel because it changed people for the good and they would do their jobs better. This discussion became widely known in the army. We were called by the officers regularly for hearings but this was just an alibi for them to hear the gospel. Several of the officers also repented.


Once one of the soldiers in jail got drunk from the brandy that the others smuggled in for him. He got so furious that he started biting his blood vessels, he was breaking things and kept kicking the door. They couldn’t call a doctor to give him tranquillizers because then they would have been caught giving him alcohol.

They couldn’t do anything else but call me to pray for him. I prayed for him and the anointing of the Holy Spirit descended upon him and he simply fell asleep. When he woke up in the morning I told him: ”listen, the devil wants to knock you out, you are tormented by demons, that is what makes you so furious. If something like this happens to you again, let me know and we will pray for you, even if it is 1 o’ clock in the morning”.

They let him out of jail in a few days and put him on guard although it is not allowed to put such an instable person on guard. He was standing there with thirty live cartridges in his gun and thirty additional ones in his cartridge belt and he got drunk again. He pointed his gun at the others saying that he would shoot them to death if they don’t let him go to Józsi Nagy. Evidently they let him go up to me. He started shouting: ”Jóska Nagy, Jóska Nagy, come on out”. I woke up and went downstairs to him. He told me that he already put the gun twice in his mouth to shoot himself and we should talk to each other. I thought that even though I was good at boxing, a gun was quicker than me. But it was me who told him to wake me up even at 1 o’clock in the morning if he was in trouble. You have to be very careful what you say to others. So I had no other choice than to go to the watchtower with him. The others were all freaking out under the watchtower. As we were talking, he loaded his gun twice to shoot himself and me as well. I couldn’t stop praying. Finally he calmed down so much that he told me that I was like a brother to him. He repeated the prayer of repentance with me and then was filled with the Holy Spirit so much that I had to carry him on my back to the guardroom. From that time on he never wanted to commit suicide again. It was the Lord who had brought about this change in his heart.

By the time I finished my service in the army, more than 120 soldiers had accepted Jesus through my personal testimony. Before I left the army, the officer, who had taken my Bible away in the beginning, thanked me for my missionary service. The new political system reached the army as well. Glory to the Lord for this and I am thankful for Sándor that he blessed me.


When I left the army, Sándor asked me if I wanted to work in the church. I was happy to do that, so I started working in the church part time and had a part time job at a company. At first I thought that I would get a very serious spiritual job. But instead I had to clean the church office. I was cleaning in the mornings and then we went to testify at Vörösmarty square. People started repenting one after the other.


We were preaching the gospel not only in Budapest but in all parts of the country. I will never forget what happened in Verpelét. We went there to testify but the parish priest turned people against us even before we arrived warning them that we were from a sect.

We went to the marketplace of the town and as we were setting up the speakers, people started throwing rocks at us, potatoes and whatever else they could find. They demanded that the people from the sect should leave their town. But we were not willing to do that and told them that we would preach the gospel. So we did. There was a man in the first row leaning on two crutches. The Holy Spirit told me that I should pray for him because He wanted to heal him. He also told me to call him forward and pray for him. I didn’t have the courage to do that because I was afraid that if he didn’t get healed, the people who had been throwing things at us would become furious. So I called everyone who wanted to accept Jesus to come forward. Eighty people came forward including this man. I blessed them by laying my hands on them and this man told me that he felt the presence of God. And he started speaking in tongues even though he was a member of a church that did not believe in speaking in tongues. But this man had faith that God would heal him.

He was standing there leaning on his crutches saying that he felt the presence of God. I told him that if he felt his presence, he should throw away his crutches and start dancing. But I didn’t look at him, I just went on to the others. Then someone tapped my shoulder saying that he indeed threw away his crutches. I looked back and saw him without the crutches. We have three photos proving this. He was dancing and worshipping God for about six to seven minutes.

A few months later I was invited to be on a TV program called Apropó hosted by András Kepes. There I told this testimony of how Jenő Csonka got healed in Verpelét. His surname ”Csonka” means defective in Hungarian, so after his healing we called him Jenő Ép, which means healthy. A few weeks after I told this on the TV program, journalists of Népszabadság went to Verpelét to find out whether I was telling the truth. They went to a shop in the town where they were told Jenő lived. They went to his house and saw with their own eyes that he was healthy. So they wrote an article about the miracle that had happened in Verpelét.

Jenő Csonka has thrown away his crutches in Verpelét

We started to preach the gospel all around the country and we went to Tokaj as well. This town is famous for its wine, so wine has a big influence on people there. This could have been one of the reasons that in the beginning people were very reserved when we were preaching the gospel and they were not willing to repent. So we prayed to break the influence of wine and the magic of Bacchus over the people. After this about fifty people came forward to accept Jesus.

After they repented, many people asked us to pray for them to get healed. There was a sixty-year-old woman named Erzsi who had been deaf since she was born. The Lord healed her there and she was able to hear. We checked this by covering our mouth with a piece of paper and talking to her. She heard what we were saying, she could repeat all the words we said. This miracle encouraged the others even more to ask us to pray for them. Some people were delivered from demons right there on the street even though they had never been to church before.

There was an interesting testimony in Ajka as well. About fifty people repented there after we preached the gospel and we invited them to be baptized. There was a woman who wanted to be baptized but she was afraid because she was suffering from a special disease called water allergy. From even one drop of water her body was covered with rashes. She had been cleaning herself with medical powders instead of water for many years. I told her that the Lord was the Healer and since He said that we have to be baptized, He was going to heal her. We prayed for her, she claimed her faith and went into the water. And she came out healed. The Lord delivered her, glory to God for that!

It happened not only on the streets that people got healed after praying for them by laying our hands on them, but a lot of people got healed in church as well. The following story took place in the church in Budapest. As we were worshipping God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit descended upon a man called Gyula. He was just about to have a serious heart surgery. His heart was weakened so much that he could hardly move and when he climbed stairs, his breathing was very laboured. So Gyula was filled with the Holy Spirit as we were singing and he started to dance. At first, he didn’t even realize how easily and lively he was moving and he was stunned only when the people around him who were also shocked, called his attention to the fact that he couldn’t dance beforehand. After the service he went home and he was able to run upstairs without any problem.

He had the heart surgery in a few days. The doctor first inserted a catheter in his heart to check it one more time. Then he said, ”What has happened to you? I did a surgery on you last year and I do not see any trace of that. Your heart is just like the heart of an eighteen-year-old person. You do not need surgery”. His heart was completely healed and he was not eligible for disability pension any more. The doctor put the results of the previous and the current medical check next to each other and he asked in astonishment whether he was the same person. The first results were indicating a sick person who was about to die, while the current results were indicating a completely healthy person.

So we started to preach the gospel all around the country…


As an evangelist travels a lot, let me share you some stories related to travelling as well.

Once I locked myself out of my car on Váci street, which is one of the busiest streets in Budapest. My car was in the middle of the road blocking the traffic. The people in the other cars were cursing. I tried to open the door but I didn’t manage. The key was inside, I was outside and all four doors were locked. I prayed to God to help me out in this situation. I remembered when we are in big trouble and do not know what to do, we should pray in tongues. So I started to do that and the Holy Spirit told me to go up to a man who was standing in front of a shop window. I went to him and asked him to lend me the keys of his car. He asked me what made me think that he had a car and even if he did, why did I think that he came by car and he had his keys with him.

It turned out that he didn’t come by car but he had his keys with him. He gave them to me but assured me that I couldn’t open my car with them. I told him not to worry about that. Then I unlocked my car, gave his keys back to him and drove away worshipping God. For the Lord knew that those keys would open my car.

At another time I traveled to the countryside with my family and we had an accident. The other car got smashed to an electric pole and my car was completely crashed. There was a family in the other car as well but nobody was injured, glory to God. When I saw that I couldn’t avoid the accident I called the name of Jesus and the Lord saved us. The two cars were seriously damaged but the insurance company covered the costs of the repairs. Before one would think that this was the happy end to the story let me tell you that since we got to know this other family in a rather uncommon situation, I testified to them about the Lord and the whole family repented. So that day God saved not only their biological lives but they gained eternal life as well. God works for the good of those who love him.

Over the years it happened several times when I was returning from a service in the countryside, I had to stop because of a technical problem. For example, once I had a problem with the ignition. It was half past eleven at night and we managed to find a mechanic. By the time he had the car repaired, he believed in Jesus Christ and had accepted the Lord into his heart. A similar story happened when I had a flat tire once, then I testified to the mechanic who replaced the tire and he also repented.

Therefore we should not be afraid of such technical difficulties because God can turn these situations to our advantage.

Baptism in the Budapest Sports Hall with Sándor Németh

Finally let me share some recent testimonies with you.

Recently we received a phone call that we should go and pray for two elderly Jewish women who like watching Happy Sunday very much. They were already sitting in front of the television at half past 10 and couldn’t wait for the broadcast. One of them, named Juci, became very sick. She was 86 years old and she was in hospital. Her sister, Rózsika, asked us to go there and pray for her to get healed. I called her back and she told me that for the afternoon they had invited a paraphenomen, who was practicing white magic, to come and give some energy to her sister. I told her that the Bible does not accept these things. So she cancelled the magician and we went to pray for her sister.

Both sisters accepted God into their hearts and claimed their faith in Jesus. Then they told us a story. When they were in Auschwitz and the Russian soldiers were getting close to the camp, the Germans shot everyone who was still alive in order to cover their tracks. An Austrian doctor told them to stay laying as if they were dead and when the German soldiers entered she would shout that they had typhus. So she did and the soldiers left in order to avoid getting infected. Then the Russians arrived. The first soldier was riding a white horse and Rózsika jumped up and embraced him, she was so happy. It is an interesting analogy that now in the hospital she was feeding her sister the same way as she did in the camp but now it was not a Russian soldier who came riding a white horse but it was Jesus who came into her heart.

We prayed for Juci and she passed away a few hours later. So it was only a matter of a couple of hours whether she was visited by someone practicing white magic or by the gospel. Glory to God, it was the gospel. That is why it is important to have the courage to preach the gospel because it can save lives.

Here is one last testimony about the healing power of God. There was a two-year-old girl named Kimberli whose parents were watching Happy Sunday on TV even though they had not repented yet. Last autumn the little girl had an unfortunate accident: she fell into a hot kettle. Twenty per cent of her body, from her neck to her thighs, got burnt very seriously. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The parents offered to buy the hospital any equipment necessary to save their daughter’s life. But the doctor told them that they had all the necessary equipment, the healing of the girl was not up to those. When the mother asked what they could do for their daughter, the doctor replied that they could not do anything but pray. The parents remembered that in Faith Church they pray for the sick and a lot of people get healed. One of their cousins attended Faith Church and they asked her to ask for prayer. That is how I met the parents.

The father was just told that the little girl was in a critical stage because her inner organs were about to stop working. The doctor openly told the mother that their daughter was between life and death and the chances of surviving such a serious burning was one percent. Clearly they were very much in despair but we showed them the story of Jairus in the Bible which says that it is never late. Jairus asked help from Jesus but the others told him ”Don’t bother the Teacher any more. Your daughter is dead”. But Jesus replied, ”Don’t be afraid, just believe, she is not dead but asleep”. Fear and faith are in contrast to each other. After this we went to pray for the little girl. She was given morphium to ease her suffering but in spite of that she was evidently in much pain and fear. She was in shock and was almost furious. When we prayed for her, she calmed down and fell asleep. We came back from the hospital. In a few days we received a phone call from the parents that something interesting happened with their daughter that the doctors could not explain. She had no pain at all and she was playing as if she was in the playground. She survived the first four critical days and her life was not in danger any more. During the medical checks in the following days it turned out that none of her organs became infected in spite of the serious burning. The doctors were astonished and happy at the same time. But she still had to go through plastic surgery. When they removed the bandages to clear the burnt, dead skin, there was another surprise: there was no burnt dead skin but healthy pink skin. She was able to leave the hospital without having plastic surgery. The Lord healed this little girl. Glory to God for this one as well.

Kimberly between life and death in the hospital and after her miraculous healing

Forrás: Új Exodus

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