The Tumor Has Disappeared!

He said they had found a lump in my breast and that’s what I saw in the mammogram. ‘You have a tumor in your breast,’ finally explained our doctor – who was a friend of ours. ‘It is malignant; it has to be operated immediately.’

I'm Lászlóné Nagy. I have one daughter and one son, both in their twenties. We live in peace together. About five years ago, my daughter repented and started to attend Faith Church's meetings. Shortly thereafter, I accompanied her and accepted Jesus into my heart. My husband also followed us, so we've been attending the meetings together for five years now.

I've always been healthy; I even forgot to go to the obligatory medical examinations many times. However, as I was almost turning fifty, I thought it was the right time to go for an examination. I had no complaints at all, so I went to the examination with confidence. My faith is strong anyway, so I wasn't afraid at all. I was examined and a mammography was also done. After that I went to work as I usual. I did my job and I forgot the examination. I didn't think about the results that were to be sent.

I didn't receive them by post, however. Our doctor, who's also a friend of ours, called me. "May I visit you now? I have to say something", he said nervously. I asked why, but he didn't want to answer. That evening, he visited us and showed me the result of the screening. "What does this mean?" I asked, thinking that I had no problem. He showed me the mammography picture but I couldn't recognize even then how great the problem was. "There's a tumor in your breast. You can see it clearly in the picture", he said. I couldn't read the picture, but our doctor examined me right there and could palpate the tumor with his hand. I don't know which of us was more frustrated. "There's a malignant tumor in your breast", he finally stated. "It has to be operated on immediately."

I slowly understood the weight of his words. I didn't feel anything was wrong. I was all right; I had no pain at all. It was hard to realize I was sick. But after this, my insides started to shake.

A detail from the official results of the examination done on June 6th, 2001:

At the outer-upper part of the left breast there is an obvious radiological malignus form of 5 mm.

"At the outer-upper part of the left breast there is an obvious radiological malignus form of 5 mm." (The Latin word, 'malignus' means malignant.)

I was despondent for days. I was even thinking about my testament. I believe in healing by faith, but the whole thing happened so suddenly that I was left with no legs to stand on. I heard the bad news on Friday and I was scheduled for surgery the next Monday. Where we live, I have a pediatrician girlfriend and she visited us on Saturday. We cried together and she promised that she would help me in everything, like coming with me to Budapest, if I wanted to.

After she left, I started to pull myself together. Because we usually go to church on Sunday, the whole family went there the following day. Surprisingly, right then and there, our pastor prayed for the whole church. I don't even remember when the last occasion was. That Sunday, he blessed everyone by laying his hands on us. I was standing in the line, too, with my husband. I didn't speak about my sickness, however, when I fell to the floor during the prayer, our pastor was told that I was waiting for a breast-tumor operation. After this, he kept praying for me. I don't know what happened exactly, because the whole time I was lying on the floor in the presence of God. It was a very good feeling.

Since I was scheduled for surgery, we went up to Budapest the following day. We took the results and the mammography pictures with us. The surgeon who welcomed us is an authority in his profession. He looked at the results of the examinations and said that they would be repeated. So mammography pictures were taken again. The doctor started to palpate the tumor with his hand. "I can't find it", he said, being taken aback. Then he carefully inspected the new mammography results. "I don't see anything here, either", he looked at us, surprised. Finally he announced, "There's no tumor here!" He couldn't comprehend the previous results.

We happily went home with my girlfriend. After the prayer, the tumor that could previously be palpated by hand, simply disappeared! I am very thankful to God and I'll gladly tell anyone what happened to me.

A detail from the official results of the examinations taken on June 11th, 2001:

There is no sign of malignancy.

"Pathological form cannot be palpated by physical examination. (...) Pathological form cannot be detected by ultrasonic examination. There is no sign of malignancy."

Source: Új Exodus

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