Prepare For a Good Life Every Day

Sacrificing family on the “altar of career” is considered to be the only way to success among artists. But Friderika, reputable singer and successful housewife, seems to have found the best of both worlds. However, things didn’t always go like this in her life. The Hungarian Semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Grand Prix de la Chanson,’ took place 2 weeks ago. This event was an anniversary for her...

Chariots of Fire - Made in Hungary

Gera. A young football player who, through his art of the game, makes each match quite an experience. The distinguished attention that he receives is not only in appreciation of his astounding goals and astonishing tackles, but also of his genuine relationship with God.

Life Prevails!

’While I was giving birth to Viktor, in the last moment I suddenly felt the presence of Jesus, standing before my bed, holding my hand,’ Krisztina, his wife, said. ’Peace, security and joy overwhelmed me and this atmosphere started to fill the hospital room. In a few seconds it touched the doctor, who started to sob, tears were just gushing from his eyes. The midwife didn’t understand what was going on,...

The Invisible Strife

We had been longing for a child for eight years, but we couldn’t have one. It was medically impossible for us to have our own child because I had some problems. ... And as I was holding his hand, his tiny little head, touching his face, I experienced what it was like to become a parent.

The Story of An Evangelist

Before Jesus was taken up into heaven, He told his disciples, ’Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ The stories of the evangelist, József Nagy prove that the above words of Jesus are still valid even though almost two thousand years have passed since then. The Word of God still conveys life, blessing and victory to the...

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