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Faith Church: Our Statement of Faith


The Father is the source of all authority, who gave Christ - after raising Him from the dead - full power in Heaven and on Earth. Jesus Christ exercises His authority on Earth through His Church and His servants.

These are as follows:

- Worldly governments: their task from God is to reward those who do well and punish those who do wrong. Therefore, believers are obliged to be obedient, expressing this by doing good deeds. The Bible calls every Christian to pray for all representatives of authority.

- Employer: the authority of employers is also from God. Employers must pay everyone according to his/her work. God commands Christians to be obedient to their employers and to make efforts to be outstanding in their work.

- Family: Christ is the head of the husband and the husband is the head of the wife. The wife's relationship to her husband expresses her relationship to God. Parents represent the authority of God towards their children in their home.

- The Church: the authority of the church is spiritual and cannot be forced on anybody. It works through voluntary submission. In the Church, Jesus Christ is the chief authority. All believers, churches and ministries are subject to Him.

The Bible speaks about such times when many Christians will come under the influence of the increasing lawlessness of the world and as a result, love grows cold in many people. In order to keep love believers must obey the authorities according to the Word of God.

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