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The Church is the community of the people who were called out supernaturally, who believe in Jesus Christ and were born again. The Church is the property of Jesus Christ, which is being built and directed by Him. Jesus Christ has only one Church, which is composed of the local churches.

According to the Bible, a local church is the community of the saints living in a given place at a given time. Those who died after having received the ransom of God and those who live after having received salvation through faith and those who will be called by God in the future are all members of the Church.

In the Bible the Church appears as the Body of Christ. It is a living organism in which the members are connected to each other and the Body works together with the Head, with Jesus Christ.

The Holy Scriptures also describes the Church as the Bride of Christ. It is the community of those who have been cleaned in the blood of Christ, who are holy, having been dressed in righteous deeds and are waiting for the appearance of the Bridegroom and to unify with Him.

The Scriptures also speak about the Church as a temple, a building that is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. God - through the apostles and the prophets - has set its original foundation in Jesus Christ as cornerstone.

The Word also portrays the Church as a disciplined and organized army whose task is to put the kingdom of Satan to flight and to demolish it with the weapons received from God.

The main mission of the Church is: praising and worshipping God; witnessing in the world about the resurrection and glorification of Jesus Christ; representing the kingdom of God and proclaiming the good news in all the earth; guarding and teaching and disciplining the members of the Church so that in Christ they can reach the full maturity in all areas of their lives.

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