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The Covenant is an agreement; a contract between God and man on the basis that God restores his personal community with the believers. In the history of salvation it was always God who offered the Covenant supernaturally. He worked out the details and the orders of the Covenant to which believers had to adapt. God's purpose of the Covenant is to create unity between man and the Lord.

The Covenant contains God's promises that could be either conditional or unconditional as well as orders of God that have absolute authority over believers. In the Covenant the task of people is to always have faith and obedience to the Word of God. Through these means man enters into contractual relationship with God and his personal life and work are again under the blessings of God. Atonement (the shedding of blood) is the basis and maintainer of the Covenant.

The Most Important Covenants of God:

- Covenant with Noah (its external sign: rainbow)

- Covenant with Abraham (its external sign: circumcision)

- the Lord strengthened this covenant with Isaac and Jacob.

- Eternal or new covenant that God established with Israel and the whole world through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God's purpose in the new covenant is to reconcile everyone with the Father in Jesus Christ. The basis of this covenant is the blood of Jesus Christ that was perfect and an unrepeatable sacrifice for sins and fulfilled God's aim. The sign of this covenant is the Lord's Supper having been given by Jesus that conveys a real personal communion with Jesus Christ and extends the covenant to the relationship between believers.

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