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Jesus called his followers disciples. They got the name 'Christians' later in Antioch. Jesus's aim is to lead those who believe in Him into a close discipleship.

The terms of discipleship:

- Put Jesus in the center of your life-hold onto Him much more than to your parents, relations and even to yourself

- Submit your personality and own will to the will of God and to the leadership of the Holy Spirit

- Surrender your possessions to God, so your conscience can be free from all material goods. The will of God is that you handle what you have - as possessions given by the Lord - as a good manager.

- Commitment to the truth of God and connection to ministries given to the Body by Jesus Christ

After keeping these terms you - as a reborn Christian - go through a period of learning during which you get to know the main teachings of the Bible and learn how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and how to obey Him.

In your character and behavior the nature of Christ begins to unfold. The will of God in the life of Christ's disciples is to become holy, otherwise they cannot enter the presence of the God of glory.

As a result of this process the believer, in the sense of the Word, becomes a disciple. It may be followed by a commission or an inauguration to some kind of ministry which primarily aims at calling and teaching new disciples for Jesus Christ.

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