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Eternal Judgment

The charge of judgment is God's as His eternal right; He is the judge of all. His anger is provoked by the thankless and ungodly behavior of His creatures. In the new covenant the Father gave His charge of judgment to the Son, partly because the Son may receive the same respect as the Father, partly because the Son (who is also the son of man as the Son of God) can sympathize with man in his judgment and takes his infirmity into consideration.

The main goal of the incarnation and earthly service of Christ was the salvation of the world; therefore He commissioned the charge of judgment to the Word of God. This is the unique and invariable measure with which every one will have to be measured once.

The main principles of judgment:

- according to justice

- according to deeds

- without discrimination

- according to the moral clarity and the degree of understanding of every person.

The first phase of God's judgment is the judgment in time (its place is human history) and the second, final phase is the judgment in eternity. The final judgment will be made upon everybody in eternity when time and human history will end.

The three events of the final judgment are:

- The judgment seat of Christ: directly after the rapture only the Christians who gained salvation will stand before it where God will examine their deeds, too, and only the deeds coming from faith and pure motives and obedience will have heavenly reward.

- The glorious royal seat of Christ: the gentile nations will stand in front of it after the downfall of the empire of Antichrist, at the beginning of the millennial kingdom. Here the main principle of judgment will be how the gentile nations related to the brothers of Jesus Christ (to the Jews and the Christians).

- The white throne: at the end of the millennial kingdom every body will resurrect and stand before the judgment of God. This judgment will finish the kingdom of Satan and will take the devil with death, hell and all his followers into eternal imprisonment. With this event human history will finally be finished and the Lord will create a new heaven and new earth and Jesus Christ will give His kingdom to the Father.

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