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Marriage & Family

Marriage is a holy covenant between a man and a woman, which can only be dissolved by death. One of the most important aims of marriage is begetting and bringing up children. Naturally, marriage is a symbol as well. It pictures the spiritual-psychical relationship of Jesus Christ with the Church. You must enter marriage with a spiritual, psychological and physical cleanness.

Divorce is considered as disobedience that displeases God. Though the Word of God -in some cases with strong restrictions- allows divorce: sexual immorality and impurity may cause divorce in those cases when the guilty party does not want to restore his or her personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Within marriage, sexuality between husband and wife is the gift of God. Adultery, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, incest, alcoholism, drug-use and sins like these destroy marriage and family the most. As sin builds up a dividing wall between God and man, it also separates husbands and wives.

The husband is the head and leader of the wife and the whole family. He is obliged to love his wife as he loves his own body. Above all, he is responsible for the security and for the spiritual and financial wellness of his family. The wife is the helper, submitted to the leadership of the husband. Her tasks are to love her husband, beget children and to take care of the household.

The parents' responsibility towards their children is as follows:

- giving love

- presenting good examples

- teaching them the Word of God and to obey it

- raising them to be God-fearing

- providing their spiritual, mental and physical needs.

Children must:

- respect and obey their parents

- respect and obey God

- be ready to help their parents in their need.

Children are sanctified by the faith of their parents. Only when they are able to make independent decisions on the basis of their personal freedom they become mature enough to be born again.

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