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The Ministry Gifts

Jesus Christ - after his ascension to heaven, as the Head of the Church - put ministry gifts into the Church. The five most important ones: apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor.

- The apostle: the servant (literally: ambassador) of Jesus Christ whose task is to plant, found and strengthen local churches and to oversee the working local churches.

- The prophet: in the name of God gives revelations and vision from God to the Church. The message of the prophet is strengthening, encouraging and comforting the Church.

- The teacher: on the basis of God's Word improves, trains and builds the Church in the knowledge of God.

- The evangelist: the messenger of the salvation of Christ who - with this activity - lays down the foundation of the Church.

- The pastor: the keeper, leader and shepherd of the sheep of Jesus Christ in the churches who - according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit - feed the believers entrusted to him with spiritual and mental food.

Through the ministry gifts Jesus Christ is directing, building and teaching the Church.

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