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Faith Church: Our Statement of Faith


Because of Adam's sin every human being is born with a corrupt nature. The consequence of this is a sinful life. The root of sin is unbelief, the turning away from the Word of God and from the Law. Besides the goodness of God, the Bible makes it obvious that human evilness and corruption has a power which man cannot shake off by his own efforts. This hopeless situation made God's supernatural intervention necessary.

The Word revived by the Holy Spirit makes the sinner able to break away from sinful life and live according to God's will. This turning away is repentance.

The steps of this turning away are:

- due to an internal decision, repentance of all sin, and grief over those sins

- humbling yourself before God by admitting that you are a sinner

- accepting the atonement of Jesus Christ for you, personally and calling on His name

- confessing your sins honestly with a broken heart

- getting rid of your sinful deeds and lifestyle and devoting yourself to follow Jesus Christ.

The fruit of repentance is becoming righteous which means that Jesus Christ attributes His righteousness to the repented one. The repented person avoids the final condemnation, is free from sin and a guilty conscience and believes that he/she has received eternal life.

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