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The real basis of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is a historical fact. It is the pattern and proof of everybody's resurrection.

The resurrection has two major parts: the body is raised from the dead and God calls out the spirit (either from Heaven or Hell), then the personality is restored again, it becomes complete.

The Bible speaks about two kinds of resurrection: the resurrection of righteous people to eternal life and the resurrection of the evil ones to eternal condemnation.

The divine order of resurrection:

- resurrection of Jesus Christ and the firstfruits (has already happened)

- resurrection of the believers who are Christ's: this will happen at the time of Christ's first return (to the clouds)

- resurrection of the two witnesses after the fall of the Antichrist's empire, at the beginning of the Millennium

- universal resurrection at the end of Christ's millennium kingdom when mainly evil people will be raised (and they will go into the fire of Gehenna for eternal condemnation)

Those whose names are in the Book of life will remain in the glory of the Lord's presence forever.

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