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Salvation is a free gift of God that expresses God's endless love and mercy. Jesus Christ, of His Own free will offered Himself to the Father in order to realize Salvation. God anointed Him for the fulfillment of this task and sent Him into the world. Christ became a man in Jesus of Nazareth.

After He had been baptized and had been filled with the Holy Spirit, He preached the gospel of the Kingdom of God, performed miracles and signs, saved people from the power of Satan. He suffered because of persecution and detestation by the people. He was crucified during the reign of Pontius Pilate, died, was buried and was raised from the dead on the third day as it had been said by the prophets. He went up to Heaven and now He is sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One, is mediating for us and waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool.

The Main Scope of Salvation:

- Jesus Christ was made to be sin for everyone so that people who believe in Him obtain forgiveness and eternal life, by this means they are freed from the bondage of death and their personal communion with God has been restored.

- Jesus Christ died and was raised so that believers can throw off their depraved nature from Adam and share in the nature of God.

- Jesus delivered a decisive defeat to Satan and his kingdom, took his weapons away and opened the way for believers from the power of Satan to the kingdom of God; in other words, into Heaven through his own blood and enabled them to rule over the powers of Satan and demons.

- He took up the sufferings, infirmities and sorrows of humanity so that the people of God can be healed by his wounds.

- He rescued the lives and territory of people from depravity and futility and gave them immortality and imperishability.

- He became a curse for everyone so that believers can become heirs of the blessings of Abraham. People who are reborn in Jesus Christ are rid of the final condemning judgment and receive power to be the sons of God.

- He became poor for everyone so that believers share in his endless wealth and complete supply, abundantly.

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