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The real basis of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is a historical fact. It is the pattern and proof of everybody's resurrection.

The Return of Jesus Christ

The Bible speaks about several returns of Jesus Christ.

Eternal Judgment

The charge of judgment is God's as His eternal right; He is the judge of all. His anger is provoked by the thankless and ungodly behavior of His creatures. In the new covenant the Father gave His charge of judgment to the Son, partly because the Son may receive the same respect as the Father, partly because the Son (who is also the son of man as the Son of God) can sympathize with man in his judgment and takes his infirmity into consideration.

The Church

The Church is the community of the people who were called out supernaturally, who believe in Jesus Christ and were born again. The Church is the property of Jesus Christ, which is being built and directed by Him. Jesus Christ has only one Church, which is composed of the local churches.

The Ministry Gifts

Jesus Christ - after his ascension to heaven, as the Head of the Church - put ministry gifts into the Church. The five most important ones: apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor.

The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

The Bible exhorts every Christian to eagerly desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his life and service. The working and manifestation of these gifts are a desired part of the service; they must be used, however, in good and correct manner and in subjection to the Word of God.

The Spiritual Fruits

God has ordered Christians to live an active and fruitful life. Spiritual fruits are the consequences of life with Jesus Christ; they manifest the Lord's nature in the believers. The most important fruit is love, which principally shows and proves our communion with God.

The Service

The Bible does not connect the service to a ritual form, however, it speaks clearly about some parts of the service. These parts are as follows: prayer, praise, worship, preaching, teaching, giving testimonies, the Lord's Supper, satisfying the spiritual and physical needs of the church through the working of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Jesus called his followers disciples. They got the name 'Christians' later in Antioch. Jesus's aim is to lead those who believe in Him into a close discipleship.

Marriage & Family

Marriage is a holy covenant between a man and a woman, which can only be dissolved by death. One of the most important aims of marriage is begetting and bringing up children. Naturally, marriage is a symbol as well. It pictures the spiritual-psychical relationship of Jesus Christ with the Church. You must enter marriage with a spiritual, psychological and physical cleanness.


The Father is the source of all authority, who gave Christ - after raising Him from the dead - full power in Heaven and on Earth. Jesus Christ exercises His authority on Earth through His Church and His servants.

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